The Pumping unit machine is a reliable and efficient equipment designed for extracting oil and gas from wells.

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C32-256-100 Pumping unit machine

Description of pumping unit machine


Products name: C32-256-100 Pumping unit machine

Type: C32-256-100

Rated suspension load: 25600LBF

Maximum stroke: 100in

Stroke: 4/6/8rpm

Reducer rated torque: 320lbf-in

Pumping unit is a kind of machinery and equipment for the exploitation of oil, commonly known as "kowtow machine". The pumping unit is the most important lifting equipment in the rod pumping system. According to whether there is a floating beam, it can be divided into a floating beam pumping unit and a non-floating beam pumping unit. The basic characteristics of beam pumping unit is simple in structure, manufacture easy, easy to use, in particular, it can be in oilfield round-the-clock operation for a long time, use and reliable. Therefore, it is still the most widely used pumping unit, although it has the disadvantages of large acceleration of the suspended point movement of the donkey head, poor balance effect, low efficiency, large volume and bulky at long strokes.

Working principle of the beam pumping unit working principle is:

by the engine power supply, the reducer high speed rotating the engine into a pumping unit crank rotation at low speed, and the crank, connecting rod, beam rotation movement into pumping unit horsehead of upper and lower reciprocating motion, the beam hanger assembly drives the pump work. A major part of the beam pumping unit are: the power of engine; A reducer that transmits power and reduces speed; A four-bar mechanism that transmits power and turns rotating motion into reciprocating motion (crank, connecting rod, travel beam, bracket and beam and base); Donkey head and sling assembly that transmit power and ensure smooth rod to do reciprocating straight motion; A brake device that allows the pumping unit to stay in any position and a balancing device that allows the power function to work within a small range of load changes.

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