Camping room and activity camp are also called container room and container activity room, which are essential living and accommodation facilities for field construction teams. It is widely used in petroleum, drilling, oil production, geology, border trade, urban construction, migrant housing, highway and bridge construction, etc. It has the characteristics of fast moving, convenient installation, rain proof, snow, sand, antifreeze, heatstroke proof, shock proof, heat preservation, convenient transportation and so on.

The interior wall of our camping house adopts E1 integrated wallboard, which is green, environmental friendly, fireproof, waterproof and safer. The door of the room is cold storage door with good thermal insulation and high strength, and equipped with emergency escape lock to solve the hidden danger of indoor personnel safety.

Product features:
1. High quality corrugated steel plate is used to assemble and weld the outer cover, which is firm, sealed and has good rain proof, snow proof and sand proof performance.
2. The heat insulation layer adopts EPS heat insulation and sound insulation material with excellent performance, which can be used together with air conditioner for heat preservation in winter and heatstroke prevention in summer.
3. According to the principle of ergonomics design enough indoor space.
4. The interior color matches harmoniously.
5. Safety circuit is adopted in the circuit design, and overload protection, leakage protection and grounding wire are set to fully ensure the personal safety of residents.
6. The accommodation is equipped with elegant desk, chair, wardrobe and Simmons bed. (container houses and facilities of various grades and specifications can be made according to the needs of users.)