Centralizer is a steel apparatus that is secured around the casing at different locations in the borehole. The device is fitted with bowsprings and a hinged collar to keep the casing centralized in the borehole. This helps efficient cement placement between the casing and the bore wall preventing uneven and imperfect seal that can cause fluid to be pushed up the borehole contaminating aquifers and upper level strata.

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Rigid spring centralizer

Description of rigid spring centralizer


Products Name: Rigid spring centralizer

Casing centralizer is installed on the casing string makes the casing string in the centring device of the well. It is one of the casing accessories. It is divided into rigid centralizer and spring centralizer.

It has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient use, long service life and low relative cost

Used for


The use of casing centralizer can not only ensure that the cement ring outside the casing string has a certain thickness, but also reduce the resistance of casing running and avoid sticking casing, which is conducive to improving the cementing quality.

Vortex flow will bow made spiral spring leaf spring lifter or welding in the spring centralizer with Angle of blade, prompted the slurry form cyclone device, called spring swirl centralizer.

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