The API 11B sucker rod coupling is designed for use in the oil industry, providing a reliable and durable connection between sucker rods.

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API 11B SM Grade 40Cr material sucker rod couplings as the sucker rod adaptor

The dimensions of the sucker rod coupling  include diameter , length  and thread size . The diameter should be appropriate to the diameter of the rod, usually between 4 inches and 10 inches, but can also be customized as needed. The length is usually determined by the specific requirements of the user and can be customized to ensure a suitable fit for different drilling or oil extraction equipment. The thread size is appropriate to the rod thread size and can usually be NPT, BSP, or API. 1

Specific to API 5/8 "common full Length rod coupling, the material is 40Cr, the standard is API Spec 11B, the specification is O.D.: 1-1/2" (38.10mm) I.D.: 15/16 "(23.81mm) Length: 4 "(101.6mm) Weight: 0.56kg. The most commonly used rod in the oil field has four sizes, diameters are Φ15.88mm, Φ19.05mm, Φ22.23mm and Φ25.40mm. The outer diameter of the collar is 438 ±0.442 ±0.446 ±0.4155 ±0.4 and other specifications.

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