Drilling Additives

Drilling Additives

In view of the exploitation status and reservoir geological conditions of most oilfields, salt-tolerant polymers and alkali-resistant polymers have been developed. The polymer synthesized and screened according to different reservoir conditions can realize sewage preparation.

Product Application Area

1. Oilfield tertiary recovery can realize sewage preparation and high viscosity retention.

2. In offshore oilfields, the products are instant soluble and can be directly prepared with seawater, which is resistant to high salinity.

Product characteristics

1. The product has good chemical stability, is not easy to degrade, is not easy to aging, and has good thermal stability.

2. Introducing long-chain hydrophobic monomers, the copolymers associate with each other to form physical cross-linking networks, forming large supramolecular space network structure, showing good viscosifying and thermal stability.

3. The product itself has the function of flocculant to realize the preparation of sewage.